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A lead dust collector for your Daisy pump air rifle

Made to order in the USA. For airgun use only. All sales are final. Price includes shipping (USPS first class mail - contiguous US only). Scroll down for all purchase options. Please email patrick@880ldc.com with any questions.880ldc.com is not affiliated with Daisy Outdoor Products

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Purchase Options

These LDCs have been tested on the modern Daisy 880s (from Walmart) and are also compatible with Winchester 1977XS rifles and Daisy 901 rifles.The pellet loading trays only fit the 880 and 1977XS rifles. They do not fit the 901.If you have any questions about compatibility, please shoot me an email patrick@880ldc.com before placing your order.You will receive an email with a tracking number. I will aim to get your LDC in the mail in less than 2 business days.

Out of town until May 24th. Use coupon code "Honeymoon15" for a 15% discount and your order will be fulfilled when I return.

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LDC + Pellet Loader1$29
LDC + Pellet Loader2 $49


This product is designed for the use on airguns only. It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent for which it was intended for. Click here to read more on the court ruling between airgun suppressor and firearm suppressors. It is your responsibility to know the laws in your country, state, county and city and to fully comply with them.880ldc.com is not affiliated with Daisy Outdoor Products. By visiting this website or purchasing a LDC, you acknowledge that you do so fully aware that 880ldc.com is an independent entity, and that it does not have any official relationship with Daisy Outdoor Products.There is no warranty. These LDCs are 3D printed out of polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG). It's a durable material but it could break if dropped while mounted on the gun. It is your responsibility to make sure the LDC is aligned with the bore of the gun before use - misalignment will cause clipping. If a pellet clips the LDC it will likely crack and disrupt the accuracy of future shots taken through the LDC. Using BBs may also lead to clipping as they spread out more. If you treat the LDC with care it will be fine!

Installation and Use

WARNING: Make sure you are working with an unloaded rifle and never look down the barrel of the rifle while you are installing the LDC.Please read the disclaimer notices above.The LDC slips on around the front site. Make sure you press it down all the way so it's fully seated. If things don't look aligned right, don't shoot.There are two ways to secure the LDC once it is mounted on the barrel - you can use the clip or you can use the grub screws. I recommend using the clip instead of the screws because if you tighten the screws down too much it can snap the LDC.The clip has two mounting positions, choose the position depending on which front site you have. The clip should be resting right up against the front site.If you do use the screws, there's a few important instructions:
- Start with the LDC off and screw in each screw so that they rest flush with the inside of the LDC.
- Slip the LDC on the gun, then turn each screw an additional 1/4 turn. This should be enough! It's important not to screw them in too far because it can cause the neck of the LDC to snap. Additionally, turning them in too far or unevenly can misalign the LDC's bore with the barrel and lead to clipping.
Thank you for supporting my project. Feedback is always greatly appreciated - please reach out!

Out of town until May 24th. Use coupon code "Honeymoon15" for a 15% discount and your order will be fulfilled when I return.

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